Getting a Job Advice

Go to career fairs!

Hi everyone, and welcome to my very first blog post (discounting the introductory/ obligatory welcome to my blog post).

So here is my first snippet of advice for when you’re looking for a job: go to career fairs. 

This piece of advice may seem self explanatory but it is something that I would advise you all to do. It is very easy to have a mindset where you think there is no point in going because the majority of jobs can be found on the Internet. And it is very easy not to bother, but I strongly encourage you to find some local career fairs and go.

Speaking from experience in the past few years, I have been to three career fairs: two at my local university, and one in a bigger city. The first time I went to a career fair in my first year I ended up talking to one company for a long time, and the following year I saw them again and handed them my CV (and I later got an Industrial Year with them).

So why should you go to a career fair?

Career fairs can help you find out more about local companies (if it’s in your local university) or bigger companies (if it’s in a bigger city). You also have the opportunity to talk to these companies to find out more about them and you can work out whether or not this company is the best fit for you.

And that’s all for now! -Kathryn.


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