Keep in Touch with Friends

Hello everyone, Kathryn here and for today’s tip of the day I’m going to be taking about something that I’m particularly bad at and that’s keeping in touch with friends.

If you’re like me you’ll find that it’s hard keeping in touch with friends once you stop seeing each other ever everyday. I will often forget to message my old friends for weeks on end, it’s hard to keep in touch especially if we’re adjusting to our new lifestyle.

But sometimes we need to make sure we message our friends. So for today’s tip of the day I’m advising you to keep in touch with you’re friends.

There can be lots of reasons for not messaging people, it can make us feel homesick and start missing them but it can even be as simple as simply forgetting. However if you just have a note or reminder on your phone to message your old friends weekly just to see how they are. Then it’ll be much easier to stay in touch.

Speaking from experience, I’m particularly bad at staying in touch with people and just recently I was messaging an old friend of mine from school and I realised that we’re in the same city for the year! It was just nice talking to her and catching up.

So my tip of the day is to just make the effort and stay in touch with your friends. A friendship works two ways and you need to make the effort as well.

And that’s all for now, until the next time, Kathryn!


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