Moving House

Give yourself something to look forward to!


Living on your own is hard especially if you’ve just come from living with your family or living in halls with six/ eight people. It’s hard not being able to go to the kitchen and see and talk to someone.

It’s hard adjusting to life on your own so for today my tip is to give yourself something forward to. Don’t isolate yourself just because you are living on you’re own. You will still see your family and your friends just not as much as you used to.

So my advice is to plan things to do especially on the weekend. Go home to see your parents, meet up with your friends, keep yourself busy!

This ties into my previous blog post of installing a countdown app. A countdown app is a good way of keeping track of what you have to look forward too.

If you keep yourself busy, you’re less likely to feel lonely when living on your own. Next weekend I’m seeing my boyfriend, and the weekend after I’m seeing my best friend.

So give yourself something to look forward to and it’ll help you feel less lonely. Until next time, Kathryn.


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