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Have a Jar full of Positive Thoughts!


Hey everyone, Kathryn here, and for today’s tip of the day I will be talking about one method that I use that helps me when work gets tough. And that is have a jar full of positive thoughts, although I use this method to help me get through work when things get tough, you can also use it to help get you through university, or anything really.

This tip may sound cliche, but it’s a good way of coping when things get bad. Spend an evening using an old jam jar and writing a list of things that you have to be positive about, then fold these notes and put them in a jar. (I use a small plastic container since it’s easier to carry around than a jam jar).

You can then put this in your bag (I have mine in my work bag) and then when your feeling down you can pull one out and smile and whatever you’ve written on it. Then whenever something good happens get out a spare bit of paper and put it in the jar, keep filling up the jar with positive thoughts and use it whenever you feel down.

It is also good spending an evening just writing a list of things you have to be positive about, and it will help you feel more positive.

But what do you write on them? What counts as being a positive thought?

On my notes I normally write things like having my friends/ boyfriend/ family be there for me, and things that I have planned for the future, I also include things that I have done/ things that I’m proud of. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how big or small they are- it’s all about whether or not reading it will put a smile on your face.

So get your sticky notes out and start writing some positive thoughts!

And that’s all for me for today, until next time! Kathryn.


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