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Getting Used To Work

When you start work, it’s a shock to the system. Especially when you’ve been so used to working in your own environment. However, there are some tips that you can use for your own benefit that will hopefully make that transition a little easier.

1. If You Can, Bring A Comfort Belonging
For the first month at work, every day I brought a photograph of me and my girlfriend with me, tucked neatly away inside my backpack, just when I got nervous about something, I just opened my notebook, saw the photo and felt a little better about not knowing what I’m doing.

2. Don’t Expect To Know Everything
It’s something that everyone goes through when they start working, but you are only there to learn more, to increase your knowledge. It’s only normal to feel like you’re behind everyone else and that’s okay! It’s only a temporary feeling. Once a month or so passes you’ll feel a lot more comfortable.

3. Treat Yourself
I know it’s been said before, but at the end of your first week or month, go and buy yourself something. A coffee, a new magazine or a book. You deserve it after working so hard to get used to your new environment.

4. Don’t Get Big Headed
Don’t believe that you are better than that place. Even if you’re working in a fast food place and you have more qualifications than everyone else (I’ve seen an old friend do this and got fired in a week). Everyone there is in the same boat as you, all trying to make money so that they can feed themselves and their families and pay their rent.

5. Try Not To Worry About Getting Everything Right
You’re going to make mistakes. That’s a part of life, and a bigger part of life is accepting you made those mistakes and moving on from them. Once you’ve done that, you can do anything. I made a pretty big error in my second month of work that cost us 4 hours. It’s only natural to make mistakes and as long as afterwards you can deal with it cleanly and professionally, then that’s wonderful.

And lastly. Be yourself. No one there is out to get you. Sure, you might meet people you really don’t get on with, but that’s okay. You’re not there to make friends, you’re simply there to go in at the start of the day, do what is asked of you, and go home at the end of the day. If they hired you, they would have done it because you were the best for the job. So don’t worry at first, because humans can do amazing things, and it’s all about dipping your toes in the water.

Until next time!
Conor ^-^


One thought on “Getting Used To Work

  1. All very good tips – when I started full time work I’d get really frustrated because there seemed to be so much I didn’t know! I had to learn to relax and in time the knowledge and experience came 🙂


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