University Advice

Don’t let revision take over

My tip for this Thursday is about exam revision. Yes I know it’s ages to any exams but hearing all the news stories about the A level results last Thursday got me thinking about my own exam experiences.

So my tip is to not let revision take over. Over say a three week period have 3 ish days off or at least half days off. This helps so much with the stress (making revision far easier) and also gives your brain time to recover so it can absorb all the information.

Seriously from my experience in first year of uni, during exam period I did nothing but revise and didn’t have any time to my self. i didnt even let myself have the time off to go food shoping as I was so worried about failing. So after the first week I had to live of toast and takaway from the uni bar (nice for a few nights not long term). All I this was really hard to cope with and I was constantly very stressed. I couldn’t face doing that again, so in second year I changed how I revised and made sure I had more time to myself.  If I had done loads of revision that day I would let myself have the nights off (which would often coincide with a good TV program) . And somedays I had complete days of which were spent hanging out with my friends and relaxing. (And also doing a food shop) And I honestly did better in my exam the second year.

I hope some of you find this tip helpful during your next set of exams (if your unlucky anther to have any).

Until I post again, samara


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