Getting a Job Advice

always have a CV ready!!

Hello all, my tip for this Thursdays afternoon is to always have a CV  at the ready. Even if your currently not looking for a job take the time (when you have a moment free) to get a plan/draft of one written up and it will honesty save you time later as you will only have to personalised it to the employer and the job description.

I have never had to write a CV from scratch for years I have always just improved the one I had already written, going all the way back to when the school made us write one in year 10 (hated it at the time but it was somewhat useful).

This is also very helpful as a record of results and details so it doesn’t take you ages to look them all up when its needed.

You truly never know what going to happen.  You might need one at short notice and you don’t want the stress of havening to write it all overnight .

Until I post again, Samara


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