Why Everyone Is Right When They Say: “Move On Before You Start University”

So today I’m going to talk about romance with University and all that jazz surrounding relationships before University and I’ll start with that little saying: “If you’re in a relationship with a person back home and you’re at Uni, it’s not going to work.”

This is true.

Nine times out of ten you are never going to stay with your secondary/middle/high school partner, and it’s namely down to maturity. You may think you’re the most mature kid at school, but when it comes to love, no one really is. You haven’t seen the world, you’ve been stuck in your home town.

For example, when I left for University, I was in a relationship during my first year and it messed up a lot of chances I had to make friends. You don’t wanna have the embarrassment I did of having to explain to my closest friends at University that “I haven’t told her about you all because I know she doesn’t want me to have other friends”. Which is such a fun convosation.

Okay, so maybe all pre-University relationships aren’t like my previous horror story.

But you still have to be aware of the fact that it simply won’t work. You are now in a new place, a new city, a new country even! You will meet like minded people like you who want to succeed, and like me you will find someone who loves you for who you are, that you can connect to, can go out and enjoy hours and hours of walking around shops and pondering stuff like “What Hogwarts house would the characters from such and such a film be in”.

I look back on my first year with regret. I missed out on a lot of things, meeting new people, I got to a point where I was so afraid to go on Facebook and say I was heading out to meet a friend because I knew that I would have a game of 20 questions over their gender, their close partners, everything!

Even then, regardless of if they are or are not like that, you still end up missing out on a lot of opportunities, one of my first flatmates ended up leaving his course, simply because he missed his girlfriend back home too much and I know that he will one day regret leaving University, because it’s a whole new world.

We missed out on going out with our flatmates, seeing films and going off to different festivals and the like, simply because we were always on the phone, stuck, in an eternal loop of ‘how is so and so from this street.’ We were so holed up in our rooms, we barely got to see our University in all it’s glory.

So my advice is this, and it follows suit with so many other people, like Rhett and Link (also check out their song about graduation, it’s so funny), don’t stay with someone back in your hometown.

It simply isn’t going to work. Tensions will rise because you are off doing revision and they are wanting to talk to you every second and you just can’t. The revision you get for University can’t be treated like a college assignment anymore, it’s a career, something to give you an insight into what you will be doing for the rest of your life. You will also end up being reminded each day of home, and your family. Homesickness is not a nice thing to suffer from, especially during exam season after Christmas. So don’t let someone stop you from that, from enjoying your life, simply because they are not there.

Until next time!
Conor ^-^


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