Moving House

Don’t Isolate Yourself

Hello everyone Kathryn here, and first of all apologies for the lack of updates recently, I ended up using all of my mobile data and not having enough to update the blog. So this evening, I’m holed up in the library and using the computers.

So today I would like to continue from one of my previous blog posts where I empathized the importance of getting out of your flat. However today I would like to stress how important it is to talk to people and not isolate yourself.

Living on my own was one of my biggest challenges, it was something that I never thought was possible yet here I am in my own flat and managing perfectly okay. Yes, you may be sitting there thinking but school, university, work is really hard, how can you say living on your own is the hardest thing?

And yes, school and university are both challenging, however the big difference between that and living on your own is that when you’re living on your own; you are as it says on the tin; you are on your own. When you’re at school or university chances are that you’ll have lecturers, teachers and friends to ask for help. However if you are living on your own you are for the most part alone.

Yes you will still have colleagues, lecturers, family and friends to support you but for the most part you have to figure it out for yourself. And whilst it is hard to figure it all hard, one thing that it’s really easy to do is to isolate yourself.

When you’re living on your own it can be really easy to feel down, and because you are on your own it feels that sometimes there isn’t anyone to pick you up when you’re feeling down. We can end up feeling that we’re alone in the world, when in reality our friends and family are only a phone call away.

And my advice to you is to not isolate yourself, if you keep talking to people on a regular basis it will help you feel like you’re not alone. Just keep talking to people, whether their colleagues, friends, family or even just cashiers. If you don’t you will end up feeling isolated and cut off from the world.



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