Work Advice

Don’t expect to know Everything!

Starting a new job is never easy, especially if you have just come from university; you may fall into the illusion that you already know everything. You may think that because you’ve attended the lectures and achieved firsts in all of your modules that you know everything.

So when you start work and you get stuck on something you can get very demoralised, (especially if you’ve asked for help- and it’s a five minute fix). However the thing is your boss, your co-workers, everyone, no-one expects you to go in there and know everything.

That’s why when you start work there is normally an induction process, they are teaching you how things work, and it is there to bring you up to speed on some things that you need to learn that you may not know already. And even after the induction process you are still allowed to ask for help and ask questions.

Yes, you may have done really well in university, but a working environment is very different; you may find that you end up doing something in a different way to the one you were taught, and you have to adapt.

And of course University can’t teach you everything, there will be things that you do in work that you haven’t learn’t in University and that’s what one of the things work is; a learning experience. And while your working there you will start to learn more.

Anyway my tip of the day is that don’t start work expecting to know everything, because you don’t, and don’t be disappointed that you don’t know everything. You are at work to learn new skills and improve your old ones.

So that’s all from me for today, until next time, Kathryn!


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