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Hello everyone my post for this Thursday afternoon is about Stress. Going to university and or starting working is a very stressful time in your life, there is many changes especially living away from your parents or even on your own for the first time.
I found that some (well a bit more than some) of the things I got very stressed about in my first two years at university seemed silly when you go back and think about it much later. Many of things I got stress about are things I couldn’t change so was kind of pointless worrying (not that, that ever stops me).

These are some Tips I have used that works most of the time.

If your doing something and getting very stressed (for example revision, job application, preparing for interviews etc.) take a break. When your stressed your won’t be very productive and it won’t help at all. Take time to calm down and do something you find relaxing. I often listen to music and have a little dance and have a wonder around or watch an episode of my favourite TV show (when stressed a tip is to stick to comedy to cheer you up). Sometimes leaving the flat or house an going for a walk just to clear your head can also be very useful. Then go back to it later. Which can calm you down so you get on with it.

Also don’t hide yourself away. When your get stressed you start overthinking everything (truly everything). Get out and talk to others. Talking through what’s stressing you out can really help. Even if this isn’t face to face and its on messenger or even a phone call don’t stress alone it only makes it worst. Even if your not confident enough to do this just having a casual chat about anything helps so much in the sense of distracting and calming yourself down. which often helps giving yourself a better sense of perspective so you can think about your problem more logically and often it doesn’t seem as bad as it did earlier.

Also doing little things like writing down or making a lists of the facts of what is worrying you, this can be helpfully as again it tends to make you think more logically, which is what you normally don’t do while stressing (which is one of the worst bits).

I hope some of you blog readers find this helpful.

Until I post again, Samara


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