University Advice

Saving Money

Hello all, my tip for this Thursday is take time a search the student discounts. If your going to uni, you are a student you might as well make use of it.
Especially in the first few week of term, when you start to settle in and realise what you will really need/forgot to bring. This is the time to look in to what student discounts are the most useful. Saving money early on.

There are many you can sign up for, a few of these I have used are NUS card, unidays, save the student and student beans. All three of these have many different discount which you can search through at your own leisure.

Out of these three I would say definitely go for uni days, save the student and student beans as these are all free and it only takes seconds to sign up (so is there really any reason not too). They also all have Facebook pages advising all the discounts and sometimes competitions (again why not you might see something you want). Only downside is you do get many emails.                                                                                            When you apply though UCAS you will probably have seen many adverts for the NUS discount card it looks great doesn’t it, with so many of discounts which you can use. But the only thing I would say is don’t get carried away, sit down and think about how many of them you would really will use, from experience I paid for the card (for one year luckily) and didn’t get my money worth out of it.

There are even some discounts you can get without haven to sign up for anything, you can just use your student card. So if your buying anything in store it takes a few seconds to ask at the till if they have any student discount.

Until I post again, Samara 😀

General Advice

records !!!!

My tip for this Thursday afternoon is very boring (but very practical and has helped me out in the past) and this is to keep records.

This is never a bad thing to get in to the habit of doing but this tip is Particularly for when you spends large sums of money for say rent. If you using bank transfers your online banking is a record. But if you pay for anything in cash your have to keep receipt. (this also helps with working out budget and checking how much your spending etc.) Yes this does takes up space and most the time it unneeded but it’s always nice to have this records.

Let me tell you a story, I was all packed and ready to move stuff in to my new flat for next year,  I go to the estate agents to pick but my keys. They told me I needed to pay the deposit (and refusing to let me have the keys), but I had already paid eariler that month, I was not happy. But as I had asked for and keep a receipt for the transaction (in a safe place) I could prove that I had already paid. But If hadn’t had done this it would have been a fight with my word against theirs. (As a student I really couldn’t aford to pay twice)

Even if your luckly and never have to use that records at all. After you have kept them for about a year you have take to time shred and destory them (which is kinda fun really)

Until I post again, Samara 😀

University Advice

Don’t buy textbooks straight away

This tip is almost completely opposite to what every lecturer ever says, but hear me out (please). My tip is to think about which ones you really need. Even thro you think your going be really good an productive and get all textbook, read through them all and do all the exercises, but is realty you end up using very few.

In my experience at university each module/lecturer they will give you a very big reading list. Even if you say 3 books per module (their is sometimes far more then that, one of my modules has 7 advised textbooks) and there is 6 modules per semester. That’s 18 books. and textbooks are not cheap, about £20 to £50 each. As students can we afford approximately £360 to £900 pound at the beginning of each semester. The answer is NO!!!!!!!

From my experience there are three other options are:

  1. Take time to search online to look for pdf files of the textbooks for free (there is many out their). You may not be able to get the newest edition but even then this will be very helpfully, depending on your subject they don’t really go out of date.
  2.  Another free option is go to the university library to get the books out. This is hit and miss with the university only having 10 ish copies to share between everyone on the course and waiting list can be very frustrating when your trying to complete an assignment, but then again its free
  3. If you do like having your own copy look around for cheap second hand ones that are still in good quality, but again the newest edition may be unattainable.

So my tip is to think and search all options about textbooks before you splash out and buy them.

Until I post again, Samara 😀



Moving House

Make lists

Hello everyone my tip for this Thursday is for when your moving home. Whether this is for university or moving for work. This is a very stressful time not only do you have to deal with the worry of leaving home (maybe for the first time) but you also have loads of things to pack and loads of things to sort out even once you have moved. With all these to think about you are bound to forget somethings.

This is wear my tip comes in, calmly sit down a couple of  weeks before you move and make a list of everything you think you need to do and pack. This tip come from my mother who is very list obsessed, I may grumble and moan every time she makes me do, I would never tell her this but in all honestly I have found it a great help. You could write this on a phone or a tablet but personally I get a small file and write them out of paper and keep it in a safe place, this means I can get the enjoyment out of scribbling out each item on the list as I do it.

Being a very forgetful person making a list doesn’t mean I remember everything (sadly) just it stops me forgetting the important things.

Until I post again, Samara 😀

P.S oops!!!!, sorry I have posted on the wrong day made a mistake when scheduling the post.


University Advice

Don’t Sign up for Everything

Hello blog readers, my general tip would be to not overload yourself. Don’t feel under pressure to do all that’s people ask you to do (or you think people expect you to do). Give yourself a little time for you.

A place you have to remember this is society fairs at your universities. They will be a lot of people trying to convice you to sign up to their societies, some with free pens etc.  I know not having to buy pens for the year is a nice prospect but if you give in to everyone, you will only get millions of emails a day. Honestly it’s been two years since I was talked into signing up for archery, haven’t been to one event, I still get twice weekly emails and you will start feel pressurised to go to all events/socials and have very little time for yourself or uni work. Or (in my case) you feel bad as you and up ignoring many of the society you promised to attended (sorry archery).

Also i am not against joining societies (seriously I am not). They can be very good way to meet like-minded people. So my tip would be only join them is you’re really very interested in what they offer and not the free pens when you give them your email.

Until I post again, Samara 😀

University Advice

Work Together

Hello all, my next tip is about university and this is to work together.

At university you will always find that there are modules/subjects that are harder and ones that you find easier, this is the same for everyone. So my advice is to work together.

If you are willing to help your friends and course mates out in some areas. They will be willing to help you out as in others. This isn’t only about the work, if you’re shy this also give you a common ground to start talking to people in your course and begin to get to know them.

Also in revision (I am aware that this may not work with every one). I found working together so helpful. not revising together as in doing the same subject at the same time but going to one place (whether it be the library or one of the study spaces in your university).

This means that there are people around when your really stuck on something or people to rant with when you get very stressed (been there, done that). I’ve found this makes revision easier and far less lonely/isolating as it could be siting in your room by yourself.

I believe this tip is also useful in many walks of life, if you help others they will help you.  Until I post again, Samara 😀

General Advice

Keep Organised

Hello everyone, Samara here and my first tip is about life in general and it is to keep organised.

I know I can almost hear the groans but even if this is one seems very obvious it can honestly be a great help. Especially if you’re like me and are a naturally untidy person, those extra couple of minutes it takes to be organised can save you a lot of time in the long run.

We all have those moments of panic when we can’t find something very important. Whether its assignments, important documents or maybe even a book you can’t remember were you put it down.

Organisation is helpful

Times I have found this very helpful is with paperwork (sadly the older you get the more there is), if you organise/file your documents and keep it all is one memorable place, it is much easier to stay on top of things. I will admit that I didn’t in my first year of uni and wasted way to much time searching for items.

Hope you found this helpful.                                                                                                              

Until I post again, Samara 😀



Hello people of the blog reading community

My name is Samara and I have just finished my second year at university. I hope in my time as an admin for ‘So What’s To Come’ i will be able to (hopefully) give some helpful tips/advice.

I plan to post every Thursday

So all there is left to say is welcome to ‘So What’s To Come’, I hope you find this blog useful in the future.

Until I post again, Samara 😀