Organise things!

Hi everyone, Kathryn here and today I’m going to refer back to a post I wrote a while back where I wrote (or rather ranted) about how it’s important not to allow people to take advantage of you. 

However today’s tip of the day is to organise things to do with your friends. Yes, one problem of organising things is that people can start to expect you to organise anything.

But if you don’t organise things, then… how can you make brilliant memories? Yes, it’s all well and good to hang out with your friends and order takeout and watch films but sometimes it’s nice to go out. Sometimes organising things is a good way to make brilliant memories.

I remember last January during my second semester, I got the courage to ask the people I had been sitting with in lectures for about three months if they wanted to hang out of lectures. There were four of us and we were all very introverted. 

If I hadn’t suggested that we all hung out then we probably wouldn’t be as good friends as we are now. And sometimes you just need to be that person who suggests hanging out.

After all if you don’t ask then you’ll never know. So my advice is to organise things and start making memories that you’ll cherish forever.

And that’s all from me for today, until next time, Kathryn.

Moving House

Get out of your Flat!

Hey everyone Kathryn here and first of all sorry for not updating on Saturday, I could give you a long winded explanation as to why I didn’t update but I suspect that would be both boring for me and for you. Anyway so for today’s tip of the day I would advise you to get out of your flat. 

Living on your own, or living in university halls is no small feat, going from being dependent on your parents to being independent is a big change. However one of the biggest changes is going from living with your family to living with six other people you don’t know or living on your own.

At the university I went to I ended up sharing a flat with seven other people (who I believe were picked at random). While I made good friends with one of my flat mates, I didn’t really get on with any of my other flat mates.

This made first semester of first year really difficult when around November I felt really isolated. At the time I didn’t have any good friends, only a couple of people I hung out with at lectures. The problem was there was nothing I could do to stop feeling isolated, but what I did find helpful was getting out of that flat.

It doesn’t matter where you go, just get out of that flat: go for a walk, go shopping or even just sit on a bench somewhere. The important thing is to get out of the flat.

Another thing that helped me was that I started making more of an effort to meet up with my friends and the flatmate I was friends outside of lectures. This helped me a lot during second semester and I definitely felt less isolated.

However if you are living on your own then I’d still recommend that you get out of your flat. Personally I love going round all the charity shops on a Saturday and it takes my mind of being alone. And don’t forget, you can still talk and meet up with people!

And that’s all from me for today, until next time, Kathryn


Say No to This!

Hey guys, Kathryn here and first of all sorry that I didn’t update yesterday, instead I’m updating today and Samara will still post later. 

So far there have been quite a few tips on relationships, but they have all been about starting a relationship. Today I’m going to dive deeper and talk about something that will ultimately happen in a relationship: sex.

Whether it’s today, tomorrow or somewhere the conversation leading to it will happen eventually.

(Also side note if your cringing at this then don’t worry I’m probably cringing twice as much while writing this).

And for today’s tip of the day I would advise you: to say no if you’re not ready. (And I wish ‘Say No to This’ from Hamilton hadn’t have just come into my head).

There’s no harm in admitting that you’re not ready, there’s no harm in admitting that things are going to fast for you. Remember you make up 50% of this relationship and it’s important that you are moving at a comfortable pace for both of you.

So if you are worrying that you aren’t ready then say so, say no, if they are the right person for you then they’ll be more happy to wait for you.

And that’s all from me for today, until next time, Kathryn!

General Advice

Have a Jar full of Positive Thoughts!


Hey everyone, Kathryn here, and for today’s tip of the day I will be talking about one method that I use that helps me when work gets tough. And that is have a jar full of positive thoughts, although I use this method to help me get through work when things get tough, you can also use it to help get you through university, or anything really.

This tip may sound cliche, but it’s a good way of coping when things get bad. Spend an evening using an old jam jar and writing a list of things that you have to be positive about, then fold these notes and put them in a jar. (I use a small plastic container since it’s easier to carry around than a jam jar).

You can then put this in your bag (I have mine in my work bag) and then when your feeling down you can pull one out and smile and whatever you’ve written on it. Then whenever something good happens get out a spare bit of paper and put it in the jar, keep filling up the jar with positive thoughts and use it whenever you feel down.

It is also good spending an evening just writing a list of things you have to be positive about, and it will help you feel more positive.

But what do you write on them? What counts as being a positive thought?

On my notes I normally write things like having my friends/ boyfriend/ family be there for me, and things that I have planned for the future, I also include things that I have done/ things that I’m proud of. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how big or small they are- it’s all about whether or not reading it will put a smile on your face.

So get your sticky notes out and start writing some positive thoughts!

And that’s all for me for today, until next time! Kathryn.

Moving House

Give yourself something to look forward to!


Living on your own is hard especially if you’ve just come from living with your family or living in halls with six/ eight people. It’s hard not being able to go to the kitchen and see and talk to someone.

It’s hard adjusting to life on your own so for today my tip is to give yourself something forward to. Don’t isolate yourself just because you are living on you’re own. You will still see your family and your friends just not as much as you used to.

So my advice is to plan things to do especially on the weekend. Go home to see your parents, meet up with your friends, keep yourself busy!

This ties into my previous blog post of installing a countdown app. A countdown app is a good way of keeping track of what you have to look forward too.

If you keep yourself busy, you’re less likely to feel lonely when living on your own. Next weekend I’m seeing my boyfriend, and the weekend after I’m seeing my best friend.

So give yourself something to look forward to and it’ll help you feel less lonely. Until next time, Kathryn.


Installing a Countdown App!


Whether you want to believe it or not, here’s the cold hard truth: long distance is hard. It’s hard not being able to see that other person 24/7. It’s hard only being able to see them one weekend every four weeks. It’s hard but at the end of the day you just have to find a way to cope and deal with the pain of missing that person.

It’s a hard transition going from seeing that person every day to only seeing them every so often but my tip of the day will (hopefully) make it a little bit easier and that is install a countdown app.
I’ve been in a long distance relationship for about two months now, and it’s hard, even though seeming them again and spending time with them is the best saying goodbye is the worst. And saying goodbye is the hardest part.

While there’s no fast track method to make the pain go away, one way I’ve found that makes saying goodbye slightly easier is by installing a countdown app.

On my phone I’ve installed a countdown app: Days (available on iPhones). On this app I’ve included dates to look forward to, such as seeing my boyfriend again, going to see Elaine Paige with him and my best friend, the end of my IY and the holiday that we’re planning next year.

Plan activities and new experiences to share with that person and give yourself something too look forward too!

Whenever I’m feeling down I will look at this app and remember that it’s not look until I can see him again. And it’s a nice feeling knowing that I have something to look forward to. For instance over the last few weeks, whenever I was feeling down I thought about seeing Grease with my boyfriend.

However I would recommend installing a countdown regardless of whether you’re in a long distance relationship or not. If you’re finding university or a new job hard then it’s a good idea to install a countdown app which contains a list of dates to look forward to.

So on a final note, my tip of the day would be to install a countdown app and give yourself something to look forward too. Until next time! Kathryn.

Work Advice

Bring CVs to Career Fairs!

Hey everyone, Kathryn here! I remember a while back one of my tips a while back being ‘go to career fairs’ and today I’m going to expand on that. So for today by tip of the day is bring CVs to career fairs.

Going to career fairs is all well and good, but what happens when you go to a career fair and see a company you really like and they seem really interested in you but you don’t have a CV on you?

How, if they like you are they supposed to contact you without a CV? CV’s highlight your skills and qualifications and they also provide contact details for both you and your references.

CV’s make it easier for employers to contact you if you give out your CV during a career fairs. A company are unlikely to contact you if you have just written your email on a piece of paper.

I’ve been to two careers fairs (one of which ultimately helped me get my IY) and I ended up printing 30 CVs. While I didn’t give out 30 CVs it was definitely useful to have them on hand to give to an employer.

However you shouldn’t just go up to a company and give them your CV! Prove to them that you are interested in the company, and prove to them that your a good fit for the company.

If you are interested in the company, and you give them your CV and if your skills match what they are looking for. You never know they might contact you and offer you an interview.

So on a final note, bring CVs to interviews! And that’s all for me for today, until next time, Kathryn.

Work Advice

Treat Yourself! (just don’t go too crazy)

Hey everyone, payday is on the horizon which brings me to my tip of the day treat yourself (just don’t go to crazy).

When you start a new job there is no greater feeling than that feeling you get when you get paid. Mainly because a) you’ve got money! And b) you survived a month (or however long you’ve been working there for).

Payday and the fact that you have money provides you the perfect opportunity to treat yourself. And I’m not just talking about grabbing a quick coffee, treat yourself: get the book or game you’ve been after. After all you work hard so you deserve to treat yourself.

However, although it’s a good idea to treat yourself it’s also your responsibility to make sure you don’t go too far when you’re spending money. Don’t buy the most expensive computer or games console when you get your first pay check.  

Only spend the money you have, and don’t risk buying something if you know you might run into financial difficulties later on in the month.

So on that note, my advice to you would be to treat yourself: after all you’ve worked hard to earn that money but don’t go to crazy. Work out how much you’re spending on bills and rent and make sure you have enough if you’re making any big purchases.
Until next time, Kathryn


Don’t let People take Advantage of you

Hey everyone, Kathryn here and before I begin I’d like to apologise for the lack of updates recently, it was my cousins wedding this weekend so the past weekend has been pretty hectic! But it’s back to normal now so I’ll once again be updating regularly.

So today’s tip of the day is based on my experience from the past year and it is don’t let people (especially your friends) take advantage of you.When it comes to friendships it is very easy to just go along with whatever they say, after all your friends right? And that’s what friends do isn’t it? But the cold hard truth is that there will be some friendships where people will just take advantage of you.

Last year was the first year I had a group of friends, there were six of us in our friendship group and we were (and still are) good friends. 

However later on in the year it started to become apparent that it was always up to me to arrange things whether it would be going to town or going to cinema. As a result I always found myself too busy keeping everyone happy to properly enjoy myself.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love organising things but what I found annoying was when my friends would say things like “oh we should do that” without actually doing anything. It doesn’t take long to organise something! And I don’t exactly have time to organise anything when I’ve got assignments and exams to prep for. It was at times like this where I wished that it wasn’t all left up to me.

Another time I found particularly stressful was birthdays and it would all be left up to me to organise everything. And no one other than my two best friends would offer to help me even when I asked for ideas on presents and what not.

So my advice to you would be to not let people take advantage of you. Whether they are your friends or not they shouldn’t take advantage of you.