Say No to This!

Hey guys, Kathryn here and first of all sorry that I didn’t update yesterday, instead I’m updating today and Samara will still post later. 

So far there have been quite a few tips on relationships, but they have all been about starting a relationship. Today I’m going to dive deeper and talk about something that will ultimately happen in a relationship: sex.

Whether it’s today, tomorrow or somewhere the conversation leading to it will happen eventually.

(Also side note if your cringing at this then don’t worry I’m probably cringing twice as much while writing this).

And for today’s tip of the day I would advise you: to say no if you’re not ready. (And I wish ‘Say No to This’ from Hamilton hadn’t have just come into my head).

There’s no harm in admitting that you’re not ready, there’s no harm in admitting that things are going to fast for you. Remember you make up 50% of this relationship and it’s important that you are moving at a comfortable pace for both of you.

So if you are worrying that you aren’t ready then say so, say no, if they are the right person for you then they’ll be more happy to wait for you.

And that’s all from me for today, until next time, Kathryn!


Installing a Countdown App!


Whether you want to believe it or not, here’s the cold hard truth: long distance is hard. It’s hard not being able to see that other person 24/7. It’s hard only being able to see them one weekend every four weeks. It’s hard but at the end of the day you just have to find a way to cope and deal with the pain of missing that person.

It’s a hard transition going from seeing that person every day to only seeing them every so often but my tip of the day will (hopefully) make it a little bit easier and that is install a countdown app.
I’ve been in a long distance relationship for about two months now, and it’s hard, even though seeming them again and spending time with them is the best saying goodbye is the worst. And saying goodbye is the hardest part.

While there’s no fast track method to make the pain go away, one way I’ve found that makes saying goodbye slightly easier is by installing a countdown app.

On my phone I’ve installed a countdown app: Days (available on iPhones). On this app I’ve included dates to look forward to, such as seeing my boyfriend again, going to see Elaine Paige with him and my best friend, the end of my IY and the holiday that we’re planning next year.

Plan activities and new experiences to share with that person and give yourself something too look forward too!

Whenever I’m feeling down I will look at this app and remember that it’s not look until I can see him again. And it’s a nice feeling knowing that I have something to look forward to. For instance over the last few weeks, whenever I was feeling down I thought about seeing Grease with my boyfriend.

However I would recommend installing a countdown regardless of whether you’re in a long distance relationship or not. If you’re finding university or a new job hard then it’s a good idea to install a countdown app which contains a list of dates to look forward to.

So on a final note, my tip of the day would be to install a countdown app and give yourself something to look forward too. Until next time! Kathryn.


Say Yes to Relationships!

Have you seen that film: “the yes man” with Jim Carey? Well if you haven’t then here’s a brief overview of the film, basically Jim Carey’s character has to say yes to everything no matter how crazy the request is. Although this idea to say yes to everything is good in theory, in principle it’s not realistic: after all you can’t say yes to everything!

So for my advice today is taken from that film (and no it’s not say yes to everything) but say yes to some things if they are going to make you happy, particularly relationships. So say yes when someone asks you out. (Well obviously only say yes if you think you will be happy with them and only if you want to go out with them.)

It can be so easy to say yes, but it can also be so easy to say no especially when it comes to trying something new. Why try something new when you can stay comfortable with the way things are at the minute?

It is very easy to say no when someone asks you out, even though you think you’ll be happy with them. It can often be down to fear of the unknown but if you have been friends with that person for a long time then you could worry that it’ll ruin your friendship.

I myself had doubts when the guy I liked asked me out and I was worried that it would ruin our truly great friendship. But sometimes you just have to take a chance and say yes, after all you’ll never know how it ends until it begins.

But the thing is even if your relationship doesn’t work out, if your friendship is strong enough then you’ll be able to pull through.

So, on a final note my advice for today is take a chance and say yes. After all who knows what will happen once you say yes?


Take a Chance with Relationships!

Hi everyone for today’s tip of the day I’m going to give a piece of advice about something that I wish I’d told my friend when I last saw her: and that is take a chance with a relationships. 

I’ve recently been reading ‘How Hard Can Love Be’ by Holly Bourne (highly recommend by the way). And the main character: Amber falls for this American boy Kyle. However she is reluctant to start a long distance relationship because at the end of the summer she’s going back to England. Whilst wondering what to do Amber talks to her best friends Evie and Lottie. And my advice comes from what Lottie says: “if a relationship- no matter how short it is is going to make you happy then you should take a chance.”

And yes, relationships are hard especially if you know that they can either end up being long-distance or in a breakup. But if you don’t take a chance then you’ll never know what it’s like.

Don’t avoid starting a relationship just because you know it’s going to be hard in the long run. Sometimes we just need to live in the present.

So my advice to you would be to take a chance with relationships . If that person makes you happy then it’ll all be worth it in the end.

(Also I would highly recommend reading How Hard Can Love Be? It’s a brilliant read).

Until next time, Kathryn.