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Think before you text

Keep Organised

Stop comparing yourself to others

Use Public Wi-Fi!

Keeping A Close Backup

Have a Jar full of Positive Thoughts!

Records !!!!


Take opportunities

Learn simple recipes

Use Pinterest for simple recipes

Work Together

Batch Cooking

Don’t Sign up for Everything

Experience new things

Working Whilst Resitting

Don’t buy textbooks straight away

Hope on Results Day

Getting a job:

Go to career fairs

Bring CVs to Career Fairs!

Try, Try, Try Again

Starting a job:

Arrive at work early

Take coffee and tea breaks

Switch off from work

Be Positive!

Treat Yourself! (just don’t go too crazy)

Make a Savings Account!

Getting Used To Work

Living on your own:

Set Calendar Reminders for Bills!

Budgeting Your Student Loan

Make lists

Get out of your Flat!


Keep in touch with friends

Don’t let People take Advantage of you

Be Yourself When You Get To University


Take a chance with relationships

Say yes to relationships

Installing a Countdown App!

Say No to This!