Getting a Job Advice

always have a CV ready!!

Hello all, my tip for this Thursdays afternoon is to always have a CV  at the ready. Even if your currently not looking for a job take the time (when you have a moment free) to get a plan/draft of one written up and it will honesty save you time later as you will only have to personalised it to the employer and the job description.

I have never had to write a CV from scratch for years I have always just improved the one I had already written, going all the way back to when the school made us write one in year 10 (hated it at the time but it was somewhat useful).

This is also very helpful as a record of results and details so it doesn’t take you ages to look them all up when its needed.

You truly never know what going to happen.  You might need one at short notice and you don’t want the stress of havening to write it all overnight .

Until I post again, Samara

General Advice

Nothing Lasts Forever!

Hi everyone, Kathryn here and I have more or less spent the day wondering how on Earth September is just two days away. And it made me realise that this year has gone really quickly (much too quickly for my liking).

Yes, admittedly in June when I first started my industrial year the days seemed to stretch on for years. But looking back on it the first 1/4 of my industrial year has gone by really quickly.

And what I’ve learnt over the past few months is that no matter how long the days will seem, nothing lasts forever and time will soon fly by.

If you give yourself something to look forward to it can feel like time is going faster. (I already have things to look forward to in October and November).Just remember nothing is forever, no matter how hard something seems, it will be all over soon.

And that’s all for me for today, until next time, Kathryn.

University Advice

Undertaking A Resit Examination

I apoligise for my lack of updates over the past week, I recently resat my Artificial Intelligence examination last Thursday so I had to sacrifice some of my pleasures so I could study more, and unfortunately this was one of those.

The first time around, I was given two days and I realised when I was walking out of that examination I was destined to fail. I didn’t expect to pass. But I knew that I was going to be able to resit. So I took that chance.

I sat down with my girlfriend and she helped me plan a revision schedule, (I’ve never been good at focusing, I get distracted way too easily) so after she left for her Industrial Year, each morning I would do some early morning revision until about 12PM, then break for lunch, then do more revision until the evening when I would spend time talking to her on the phone and via texts.

I got into a routine, and that was the way I like it. So much so that even now I’m finding it hard to break out of that routine. This is my advice for today.

Don’t worry about your retakes. They’ll go a lot better the second time around. Talk to your friends, let them know that you didn’t pass. They might be able to help you out as much as they can, take a load off your mind for instance or help you unwind where they can.

The second time around, I walked out of that exam hall feeling more confident about that exam than I have ever felt about any exam retake I’ve done.

All because I let people in to help me and yes, I fell at some points, I stumbled, but where I stumbled, my friends helped me back on my feet and I knew that I could do it.

Don’t stress too much. Take some time to do the things you want to do, whether it’s walks, playing games, or reading books. Enjoy yourself. Just make sure that you do a little bit of revision every now and then.

Until next time!
Conor ^-^

Moving House

Book Viewings!

Hey everyone, Kathryn here and for today’s tip my advice to you is to view bookings for flats.

Moving to a new flat is never easy, whether you’re moving to halls, to a shared flat or a one bedroom flat it’s never easy. There’s a lot of decisions to make including the big question, do I see myself living there?

But one thing I would encourage to do is to book viewings, in my first year of university I didn’t go to the room tours of the halls I was living. And although I don’t regret this decision because I met one of my best friends, I wish I had been able to walk around the accommodation before applying.

Although I didn’t view the halls I was living in for my first year of uni, there was a video of what it looked like and so on. While this is ideal if you can’t actually view the room, the fact that you can’t just walk in means it’s harder to picture yourself living there. More to the point I wasn’t 100% sure what it would be like and I ended up feeling like I was being overcharged for the accommodation.

When second year came around I was a bit more prepared. I choose to live in the halls that I had previously visited on one of the open days, and one that I had visited a lot due to a friend living there in my first year. I was a lot happier there since being able to visit it meant I got a feel as to what it would be like to live there.

However when it came to booking for flats for my industrial year I postponed it as much as possible but I still managed to book a couple of viewings. One of which was perfect and I was able to imagine myself living there easily. Needless to say when I got back the first thing I did was pay the deposit.

So my advice to you would be to book viewings, and see if you can imagine yourself living there, remember it’s a big decision and it’s important that you are happy with the outcome.

And that’s all from me for today, until next time, Kathryn.

University Advice

Don’t let revision take over

My tip for this Thursday is about exam revision. Yes I know it’s ages to any exams but hearing all the news stories about the A level results last Thursday got me thinking about my own exam experiences.

So my tip is to not let revision take over. Over say a three week period have 3 ish days off or at least half days off. This helps so much with the stress (making revision far easier) and also gives your brain time to recover so it can absorb all the information.

Seriously from my experience in first year of uni, during exam period I did nothing but revise and didn’t have any time to my self. i didnt even let myself have the time off to go food shoping as I was so worried about failing. So after the first week I had to live of toast and takaway from the uni bar (nice for a few nights not long term). All I this was really hard to cope with and I was constantly very stressed. I couldn’t face doing that again, so in second year I changed how I revised and made sure I had more time to myself.  If I had done loads of revision that day I would let myself have the nights off (which would often coincide with a good TV program) . And somedays I had complete days of which were spent hanging out with my friends and relaxing. (And also doing a food shop) And I honestly did better in my exam the second year.

I hope some of you find this tip helpful during your next set of exams (if your unlucky anther to have any).

Until I post again, samara

Getting a Job Advice

Prepare for Interviews!

Hi everyone, Kathryn and today I’m going to talk about one of the sad facts about growing up: having to apply for jobs and then prepare for interviews. And that’s my tip of the day prepare for interviews.

Don’t go into an interview blind, know some facts about the company, and have some already prepared answers to the bog standard interview questions.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Interviews are important and it’s highly likely that you won’t be the only candidate their interview. So when you get into that room you need to know your stuff and convince them that you’re the right candidate for the job.

(However although it’s important to prepare dont over prepare, you want it to sound natural and not robotic).

I had my first proper interview back in January (I say proper because I had a couple of mock interviews last year). And it was very close to January exams so I ended up prioritising exam prep over my interview. Until a couple of days before when my dad asked me a couple of interview questions and I blanked.

I then spent the next few days going through interview questions and figuring out what I was going to say. Whilst in the interview room they didn’t ask me any of these questions (it was more of a programming test I.e so you said you know about databases so let’s ask you questions about that). Knowing what I was going to say helped me feel a lot calmer in the interview room.

So for today’s tip of the day I would advise you to practise answers to interview questions and walk into that interview room with a clear head. I find it helpful to make notes and read them aloud.

And that’s all from me for today, until next time, Kathryn!


Have a Routine!

Hi everyone, Kathryn here and my tip of the day is at aimed at couples doing long distance and that is have a routine.

This is loosely based on an episode I recently watched of How I met your Mother. In the episode Victoria gets an offer to go on a culinary course… in Germany. During the episode both Ted and Victoria have to decide whether they should break up and Victoria moves to Germany or stay together in New York.However what irked me is that all the characters in the show seem to think long distance won’t work. (With the exception of Lily who says that the only way she got through long distance was by knowing her soulmate was back in New York).

The thing is long distance can work. I’ve been in a long distance relationship for two and a half months and it’s still going okay. All you need is to be able to trust the other person.

However another thing that I think helps is having a routine. Without really knowing it me and my boyfriend starting a routine when we started look distance.

In the mornings he’ll phone to make sure I’m awake (normally I’m having breakfast and my phone is on silent). Then when I’m getting the bus I’ll text him, and we’ll send a few occasional texts before speaking too each other lunchtime. Then after work we’ll phone again in the evening.

Personally I like having this routine because it makes the distance feel so much shorter when I hear his voice.

It is also important to put in the effort when starting a long distance relationship. The two of us take in turns of visiting each other every two weeks. Remember a relationship is a two way thing and you both need to put in the effort.

So, have a routine and it’ll make your relationship feel more secure and it’ll help make long distance less scary. And that’s all from me for today, until next time, Kathryn.

University Advice

Saving Money

Hello all, my tip for this Thursday is take time a search the student discounts. If your going to uni, you are a student you might as well make use of it.
Especially in the first few week of term, when you start to settle in and realise what you will really need/forgot to bring. This is the time to look in to what student discounts are the most useful. Saving money early on.

There are many you can sign up for, a few of these I have used are NUS card, unidays, save the student and student beans. All three of these have many different discount which you can search through at your own leisure.

Out of these three I would say definitely go for uni days, save the student and student beans as these are all free and it only takes seconds to sign up (so is there really any reason not too). They also all have Facebook pages advising all the discounts and sometimes competitions (again why not you might see something you want). Only downside is you do get many emails.                                                                                            When you apply though UCAS you will probably have seen many adverts for the NUS discount card it looks great doesn’t it, with so many of discounts which you can use. But the only thing I would say is don’t get carried away, sit down and think about how many of them you would really will use, from experience I paid for the card (for one year luckily) and didn’t get my money worth out of it.

There are even some discounts you can get without haven to sign up for anything, you can just use your student card. So if your buying anything in store it takes a few seconds to ask at the till if they have any student discount.

Until I post again, Samara 😀


Organise things!

Hi everyone, Kathryn here and today I’m going to refer back to a post I wrote a while back where I wrote (or rather ranted) about how it’s important not to allow people to take advantage of you. 

However today’s tip of the day is to organise things to do with your friends. Yes, one problem of organising things is that people can start to expect you to organise anything.

But if you don’t organise things, then… how can you make brilliant memories? Yes, it’s all well and good to hang out with your friends and order takeout and watch films but sometimes it’s nice to go out. Sometimes organising things is a good way to make brilliant memories.

I remember last January during my second semester, I got the courage to ask the people I had been sitting with in lectures for about three months if they wanted to hang out of lectures. There were four of us and we were all very introverted. 

If I hadn’t suggested that we all hung out then we probably wouldn’t be as good friends as we are now. And sometimes you just need to be that person who suggests hanging out.

After all if you don’t ask then you’ll never know. So my advice is to organise things and start making memories that you’ll cherish forever.

And that’s all from me for today, until next time, Kathryn.

University Advice

Hope on Results Day


A horrible time of the year I know, where you open it up and see the letter that will determine how the rest of you life goes, or does it?

You see, that’s all it is, at the end of the day. A simple bit of paper that just tells the government that on a certain day in complete silence you can write down an answer to a question you will probably never have to face ever again in your life.

For some however, like me, I failed time and time again. My teachers got to the stage where they started to say to me whether college was the best option for me and whether I should go straight into work instead (this was of course before the UK government declared that you needed schooling until you were 18) but you can’t give up hope. If you want to do something, you do it. I wanted to go to College and do a BTEC in Computing, because it was the best option for me. My college never did the A-Level computing and even so, I wouldn’t have taken it. I preferred my BTEC because I learnt a lot more practically than I did mentally.

I look at where I am today and I believe that I made the best option for me. Yes, I failed English 4 times and Maths 5 times (with the certificates to prove it) and I’m at University now. Studying one of the most intense courses in the world. I’ve met people who I never thought I would get to meet, my two best friends in the world, the love of my life and I still have yet to finish my course.

So my message is this. Don’t give up hope. When you get that piece of paper, don’t look at it as a restriction, look at it as an open door. To try as hard as you can do show the world you can do what you want to do because that’s just it. You can do whatever you want to do and no one can tell you otherwise, and I hope my experience with failing my GCSE’s and other exams can help keep your spirites up regardless of whatever you get.

Until next time!
Conor ^-^